74-Year-Old Woman Attempts to Break Pull-Up Record

Master Personal Trainer Credits Fitness Passion for Coping with Depression

Iris Davis, the soon-to-be 74-year-old Facebook fitness phenom, will attempt to break the record for pull-ups which is held by a 61-year-old female in China. Originally from Great Britain, she is a highly regarded fitness trainer who is receiving national notoriety as a spokesperson for Aging Evolution. After overcoming incredible obstacles throughout her life, Iris will attempt to break the record next month. “My goal is to shatter the record for pull-ups, and with my training and diet regimen, I feel like I’m ready,” says Ms. Davis. Her Facebook views have hit over 3.8 million and feature her performing exercises that spotlight her tremendous fitness level.

Although Iris is enjoying fitness notoriety, her personal life has been a real struggle. At the age of 18, while living in Ireland, she gave birth to her first child whom she lost to pneumonia at 2 months of age. She was devastated and traumatized; however, she moved to London and at age 22 gave birth to her son Kaz. Shortly after, her husband, John, passed away while on a business trip. Left with no husband, no income and a small child to support, depression overcame her daily life. She took to walking up and down the streets of London trying to find peace. She quickly came to realize there was no way she could find solace in London and decided she needed to move. She looked for a job in the United States as a nanny, knowing she could take care of her son while she worked. She quickly found a job and arrived in the USA the same day her son Kaz turned 6 months old.

My goal is to shatter the record for pull-ups, and with my training and diet regimen, I feel like I'm ready.

Iris Davis, Aging Evolution Spokesperson

Still suffering from devastating and debilitating depression, she joined her first gym at age 23. Iris soon found that every time she was in the gym, all her sadness seemed to disappear. She was so engrossed in what she was doing, that she soon realized that she had found her own cure for depression. Over the following 10 years, Iris still suffered personal setbacks and suffered from three nervous breakdowns that hospitalized her on each occasion. Life was not always easy, but she never gave up and never lost her passion for fitness. Eventually, she married her husband, Robert, and moved back to London.

Tragedy was never far from Iris. At age 47, while working at an investment bank, she contracted Encephalitis. The illness caused her to resign from her job and became bedridden for 2 years. As soon as she could, she went back to the gym and clawed her way back to fitness. At age 50, she entered and won her first bodybuilding competition. In 1997, she moved back to the USA, this time to Florida, where between the age of 57 and 58 she won 10 National Physique titles. She never looked back. Iris is now a Master Personal Trainer. Some of her clients have gone on to win titles in bodybuilding competitions.

At just short of 74, she still is passionate about keeping fit. She inspires both young and not so young people who interact with her daily at her job. She has no desire to retire and can perform feats that defy her age. To this day, she still suffers from depression and Encephalitis, and gives great credit to her husband Robert for helping her cope. Her son Kaz is now a successful business owner in England and Iris makes frequent trips to visit him, his wife, and grandchildren.

Any more information can be obtained from her sponsor, Aging Evolution.

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