Physician Partners of America on Celebrities and Pain Medication: A Historical Epidemic

A multidisciplinary approach to pain control addressing the ultimate causes of the pain with targeted interventions is the modern solution to the problem, says Physician Partners of America. That is what a modern pain management clinic does.

History is abundant on stories of less effective approaches, of high performing individuals that battled with pain to get their jobs done. John F. Kennedy broke his back on the famous PT 101 incident that made him a war hero. For the rest of his life he battled with chronic low back pain. Elvis Presley had lumbar compression fractures; he was known take pain killers to be able to perform on stage. The pain medications are very seductive; they really work … but not for long. Their effect quickly is reduced and eventually dependence ensues. The individual is now trapped. He or she, can no longer function without the pain medication at any performance level. Howard Hughes, William Halsted, the list is long. These were unique individuals that took medications not to escape the reality of their lives, but to live their lives to the performance expectations that made them special. Unfortunately it almost never ends well.

There is hope. Interventions such as neural blockade, radiofrequency ablation, minimally invasive surgery, neuromodulation and regenerative medicine are some examples of the cutting edge technologies that are available and readily accessible at a world class pain management clinic. Medications, specifically opiates are only used as a means to an end, never as an end by itself. The future is bright. There is hope for the high performer. A mandatory pause in the act to refocus on what is important; under the auspices of a truly comprehensive pain management program is a good start.

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