Diabetes Survivor Rides Her Bike From Golden Gate Bridge to Brooklyn Bridge

Tracy Herbert was diagnosed September 1978 at the age of 17 with Juvenile Diabetes. She learned how to give herself shots by practicing on an orange during a one-week stay in the hospital during complications. The diagnosis was that she would die within 20 years and that she would never have children. Upon researching her disease in the library for months she decided to make drastic diet changes and set off on a life plan to beat the disease. In May of 2016, she wrote a book called “Diabetes Tragedy to Triumph” which chronicles the life plan and success over her 40-year journey of defeating the disease of Type 1 Diabetes.

Tracy is married and has two children and has made a decision on what to accomplish on her 40th birthday celebration from conquering diabetes. She will be riding her bike from the Golden Gate Bridge in California to the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Her 20th celebration was completing the “Hotter than Hell” 100-mile bike race while her 30th anniversary she completed a triathlon even though she is scared of water. “The Lord has blessed me and people need to understand that diabetes does not have to rule your life,” says Tracy. 

Many people question the term “celebrate” but her life changed that moment in 1978. Because of what she learned about how important the mindset is along with smart eating and moving all the time, she has been spreading the word about living healthy with or without diabetes for her entire adult life. Her 40th celebration isn’t until 2018 but we don’t know what tomorrow holds. This is why at the age of 55 she will be celebrating her 56th birthday riding her bike to celebrate life and living successfully with Type 1 diabetes. Of course, she will be riding with all her diabetes supplies, which includes insulin because without insulin she can die. 

Source: Tracy Herbert