Genesis Research and Technology Group Lands on the Green Blockchain

Cryptocurrency Turns Green this Week

Genesis Research and Technology Group has perfected a mobile system that can clean water instantly without using harsh chemicals. Soiled water from the oil and gas industry accounts for over 70 percent of the cost per barrel of oil to the worldwide consumer. In the fracking process, the contaminated water is trucked to disposal wells where it is disposed of and never reused. Genesis Research and Technology Group has tested and implemented a revolutionary technology, that after years of real-world on the spot conclusive results in the field, is now ready for worldwide roll out. “The blockchain will finally receive a truly revolutionary green technology with same day results,” says Darren McVean, CEO of MVP Asia Pacific.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency will partner with Genesis Research and Technology Group in the coming week and will give participants a true voice in green technology. “Water is the new oil and we are excited to bring an investment grade piece to the exchange,” says Ron Price, CEO of Genesis Research and Technology Group. Venture capitalists and Angel investors have been pitching Genesis Research and Technology Group for months, but Genesis Research and Technology Group has finally decided to use the validity and IoT (Internet of Things) to shore up the need for green technology worldwide. The fracking conundrum has been in the media for years and affects tens of millions of people worldwide. Genesis Research and Technology Group has the technology to clean the fracking water and return it to a reusable state as a green, environmentally-friendly water.

The oil and gas industry wins because the frack water can be reused multiple times, while also eliminating the issue of depositing harmful contaminated water into disposal wells. Environmentalists are touting this new technology because the same water is used over and over again without using new water; while the pollutants are cleaned repeatedly and never put into the earth. In a statement, U.S. Representative Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson (R-PA) said in regard to the use of our natural resources: “For more than 150 years, since the first commercial oil well was drilled near Titusville, Pennsylvania, conventional oil and gas has been a key piece of the Pennsylvania economy, creating billions in wealth and providing jobs for tens of thousands of residents. I am thrilled to work with the oil industry to bring new, safe, and advanced technology to Pennsylvania’s Fifth Congressional District. With the addition of such state-of-the-art water treatment, I look forward to another 150 years of sound, safe, American energy.”

About Genesis Research and Technology Group:  Genesis Research and Technology Group is a U.S.-based company that has developed a patented, state-of-the-art technology that provides clean reusable water for the world’s population. The Company exploits its chemical-free technology as its efforts are being recognized by several leading government agencies developing and implementing Green technologies to protect and preserve our Earth’s resources.

Genesis Research and Technology Group provides custom-built state-of-the-art water treatment technologies for all types of water. Years of research and development go into perfecting this technology that allows Genesis to offer its clients a sole source, reusable water filtering and cleansing technology that is totally chemical free.

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