Social Life Updating App WannaFollow Launches Revamped Website

​​​You can now receive updates from all of your favorites’ posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus on one app. In light of the continued growth in social media, CEO Roger Safont has launched the company's newly redesigned website and functionality. Said Safont, " is the only engine that can pull Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and other updates into one place. This type of technology helps keep individuals up to date and can allow small to medium-size businesses gain greater visibility among potential customers. It's great for giving people and companies the ability to be followed through all of their social media outlets, and it cuts down on the amount of time spent searching for various connections."

Safont also added "Our goal is to consolidate social media so that you don't need to create multiple accounts to follow your artists, friends or favorite businesses. The main problem with social media is that there are so many sites out there. If someone tweets, the Facebook followers will not be notified. solves that problem. Follow them in one central location." ( has been touted by consumers, business owners and digital marketing firms alike as a revolutionary social hub allowing users to consolidate their social media posts into a single location while sending followers updates.

The website's new design offers benefits from both promotional and entertainment perspectives. Newly revamped customization options now provide the ability to implement Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Blog (RSS) real-time feeds. WannaFollow has also implemented a Twitter #HashTag feed functionality. The company is experience significant growth since its initial launch. Safont also commented on the additional new built-in capabilities to generate greater SEO (Search Engine Optimization) functionality for organic growth. People can upload multiple images to share, post new messages and use a number of methods to market themselves. This is truly the most versatile platform available for creating a free splash page with all the features followers want to see. Those interested in creating an account or learning more about what the company has to offer may visit

About Based out of Tampa, is owned by WannaFollow, LLC and provides a variety of options for creating customized splash pages, bringing an array of social media outlets together at a single hub.

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