The World of Quantum Computing Becomes a Reality

Stealth Grid and MVP Asia Pacific Partner to Bring Quantum Computing to the Blockchain

Stealth Grid, a U.S.-based security, encryption, and blockchain pioneer has formally announced a partnership with MVP Asia Pacific to deliver the holy grail of data privacy and encryption. Quantum computing is on the horizon and will soon be a reality which will bring advancements in medical and environmental areas. The stark reality is that quantum computing brings to the forefront that every secret is likely to be revealed. Speaking on the announcement of the partnership, Darren McVean, CEO of MVP Asia Pacific, states, “This is truly an exciting opportunity for MVP Asia Pacific to work on perhaps the most exciting and promising blockchain initiative ever announced. It has been an amazing experience to work with the executives and developers of Stealth Grid over the past four months to better understand their technology and their vision. Stealth Grid and their Quantum Mesh Network will change secure communication and the blockchain forever.” The development agreement, now cemented between Stealth Grid and MVP Asia Pacific, means that 50-plus employees are now working on completing and finalizing the product development roadmap for the Stealth Grid Quantum Mesh Network.

Stealth Grid CEO Larry Castro stated, “Stealth Grid is excited to be working with MVP Asia Pacific. About six months ago a development partner of Stealth Grid’s recommended MVP and it has been great to see how quickly they got what we are trying to do. They have a rare combination of size, agility and experience for the Blockchain industry. I think it also helps that their CEO has launched a secure messaging platform still used by the US Army and Navy.” Despite significant advancements in encryption algorithms over the past 40 years, no existing encryption method is safe. Literally every government and banking record will read like an open book. Speaking about the tender and discovery process involved to bring the two companies together, McVean stated, “Over the past 20 years I’ve had the chance to work closely with some of the world’s leading security and encryption experts and I place the team at Stealth Grid at the very top. Whenever someone talks about quantum computing I’m both interested and skeptical. Larry Castro and his team at Stealth Grid have an amazing understanding of the technology, its challenges and the power of combining the Quantum Mesh Network with the blockchain.” U.S. security expert Stealth Grid has announced it has entered into a multi-year development contract with MVP Asia Pacific for the further development of their Quantum Mesh Network. Currently with a 200-strong workforce, MVP Asia Pacific Inc has become one of the world’s largest software developers focusing on blockchain technology. In 2018, MVP Asia Pacific expects to exceed 500 staff to help keep up with the demand for high-quality blockchain architects and developers.

The StealthCrypto™ Network ensures:

  • Data is dynamically split, encrypted, stored and GeoDistributed through blockchain locations and different countries, but divided into smaller “pieces.” No single location stores the entire file, and no single company is responsible for it. This ensures data integrity while making it difficult for hackers to obtain a copy of the entire file.
  • The building of a decentralized mesh network of StealthCrypto™ nodes and completely decentralizing the VPN node network by using StealthCrypto™ technologies and overlay on existing VPN and proxy protocols, as well as other solutions.
  • Development of the StealthCrypto Cloud™ node network, as an open and distributed peer-to-peer platform embedded with sustainable protocols, while using continuously evolving censorship evasion mechanisms developed by the community. Once developed and released, StealthCrypto Cloud™ technology will enable anyone around the world to both provide and receive access to content and privacy, removing censorship imposed by third parties.
  • Empowerment of users through privacy controlled products such as the StealthCrypto™ Phone which utilizes the meshed decentralized communication network featuring hard kill switches.
  • The world’s largest de-centralized, community-distributed, telecommunications network based on blockchain technology – a first of its kind in the telecommunications industry.

Quantum Key Generation & Authentication

StealthCrypto™, Quantum Key Generation and autonomous IBE eliminating the setup and management challenges associated with certificate-based solutions. Unlike PKI, StealthCrypto™ is being designed to scale to the levels required for massive deployments characteristic of the Internet of Things and blockchain. With no certificates to manage, StealthCrypto™ can protect billions of devices with ease. Quantum Key Distribution at the Application Layer.

The ultimate in quantum-safe security for long-term data protection; guaranteeing provably secure key exchange for encryption and other security devices on point-to-point backbone and storage networks. In an increasingly treacherous cyber-security landscape, StealthCrypto™ authenticates the sender of a message, be it a person or thing. By authenticating or verifying the sender of every message, StealthCrypto™ ensures that any and all messages received are from trusted sources.

StealthCrypto™ Mesh Network Delivered Quantum Entropy

Cryptography with StealthCrypto™ Quantum-powered entropy engine provides full-quantum entropy (one bit of quantum entropy per output bit) at the rates necessary for data center, cloud, large-scale internet of things (IoT), and mobile applications. This will increase with the adoption of our decentralized Quantum Mesh Network that will create a quantum supercomputer.

With StealthCrypto NAS and Smart Phone model, StealthCrypto distributes true entropy from a quantum source to properly seed random number generation across data centers and networked devices (a similar concept to network time protocol [NTP] for ensuring access to consistent date/time).

  • Cryptography
  • IBE Authentication
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Tokenization
  • Authentication
  • Digital Identity
  • Payments
  • Communications

The StealthCrypto Entropy Engine provides high-speed, true random numbers in a convenient PCIe card form factor in our NAS Units, utilizing a quantum entropy source that exploits the laws of quantum mechanics to create true unpredictability. Capable of delivering 350Mbit/s, the Entropy Engine can satisfy the demands of even the highest-performance crypto-systems.

About Stealth Grid™

StealthCrypto™ provides a proprietary, quantum secure blockchain solution, utilizing a multi-layer approach on the endpoints, dynamic split encryption and Dynamic GeoDistribution™, eliminating the setup and management challenges associated with certificate-based solutions. StealthCrypto™ can be scaled to levels required for massive deployment characteristic of the Internet of Things and Blockchain and protect billions of devices and transactions with ease.

The StealthCrypto™ ecosystem provides products based on quantum secure blockchain technology for cloud storage, data protection, email, instant messaging, video conferencing, voice calls, mobile, AI cybersecurity and the StealthCrypto™ smartphone, all on its quantum mesh network and its Qubit Blockchain™. Website:

All cryptocurrencies depend upon elliptic curve public-key cryptography (ECDSA) to generate digital signatures which allow transactions to be verified securely. The most commonly used signature schemes are ECDSA, DSA and RSA. All these schemes are theoretically vulnerable to quantum computing attack. Qubit Blockchain is being developed to be quantum computer resistant and to provide transactions speeds untouchable by other blockchains.

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