WannaFollow Announces ICO Launch

WannaFollow Token

WannaFollow, the social media giant, is launching the much-anticipated ICO (Initial Coin Offering) today. Individuals now have an option to purchase lucrative tokens giving them ownership of the site. Founder Roger Safont says, "Since 2016, WannaFollow has given access to all media channels for its members." By channeling the power of all their social media accounts into one dynamic online Splash Page, users can be updated on all their favorites, bringing all their favorites' social media updates to one place.

The launch of the WannaFollow ICO will be a gamechanger for social media by facilitating authentic brand integrations, self-expression through digital identity, and the growth of a Creator talent pool. The decentralized approach to a shared economy provides a community platform where members can brand and market themselves, as well as monetize their content.

Content creators producing engaging content shall be rewarded in proportion to the engagement their content creates. Blockchain-backed payments give content creators the ability to be compensated with WannaFollow tokens (WNF), the native payment method, which can be used to purchase products and services on the platform and ecosystem or leverage on the various exchanges. Developers who provide improvements to the platform, either in the form of incremental features and functionality or identification and help in resolving issues, will receive awards via WNFO (WannaFollow Security Tokens) tokens for their efforts.

Every individual holding WNFO tokens retains voting rights to direct the future of the platform. This new approach will make it possible for members to own a piece of the platform and participate in its governance by voting and directing the future state of the site.

To learn more about the ICO and purchase tokens, go to https://wannafollow.io.

About Us

WannaFollow was founded with a vision to revolutionize the way social media users stay current with the activities of those they follow across all relevant social media channels; using proprietary technology, analytics, and automation to efficiently allow users to follow anyone and to be likewise followed. For more information, visit https://wannafollow.com.

Patricia Almand, COO

Source: WannaFollow