WaterToken Gushes Onto the Exchange Today

Over 100,000 Whitepaper Downloads Proves to be One of the Largest ICOs

WaterToken will finally release today at 6:00 p.m. PST after over 100,000 whitepaper downloads and over 10,000 pre-registrations. The anticipation of one of the most revolutionary 'green technology' ICOs will splash on the Blockchain today. The WaterToken's System has been in development and tested in real-world applications for years in Asia, Eastern Europe, and Mexico and now is poised for a worldwide rollout to save our Earth's most precious resource ... water. The IoT (Internet of Things) has been the driving force in the hype concerning the verifiable data of success from the WaterToken Systems. Genesis Research & Technology Group has diligently worked on a generous token raise so that countries, municipalities, and industry can all benefit from this patented revolutionary technology.

MVP Asia Pacific has been one of the driving forces, along with Universal Media Group, to deliver the message of the totally chemical-free water treatment system that is solar powered. "The cost savings are astronomical; and, the fact that the machines are portable and scalable to any project gives the user a plethora of options," says Ron Price, CEO of Genesis Research & Technology Group. The main reason for the debut exclusively on the blockchain is because Genesis Research & Technology Group has seen too many companies manipulate results strictly for profit. The WaterToken System is IoT ready and gives indisputable, verifiable results to the world that the water has been cleaned and is able to be reused over and over again.

The cost savings are astronomical; and, the fact that the machines are portable and scalable to any project gives the user a plethora of options.

Ron Price, CEO of Genesis Research & Technology Group

In 2008, roughly 25 billion barrels of polluted water was produced in the United States alone. This year, it is estimated that the number of barrels of produced water will number in the 31 billion barrels. In response to this immense threat to the environment, Genesis Research and Technology Group has developed sole-sourced, green, state-of-the-art Industrial Water Treatment Technologies that treat produced and frack water and return it to a reusable state.

The water, in the past, used to produce the chemical fluids required for the fracking process either came from nearby groundwater and surface water or brought in by the truckloads from other freshwater sources. “Genesis has developed a game-changing technology that eliminates the use of chemicals and restores the water to a natural state without transportation,” states Billy Hood, VP of Marketing for Genesis Research and Technology Group. Considering that fracking-produced water accounts for roughly 98 percent of all waste products generated by the petroleum industry and 40 billion per annum to dispose of fracking polluted water, the Genesis system is a win-win.

Darren McVean, CEO of MVP Asia Pacific, LLC states, “We believe the blockchain solves the serious issues around trust and verification of environmental impact monitoring. With the introduction of blockchain and smart sensor devices, ultimately environmental regulation will require real-time monitoring of equipment sensors to ensure instant access to accurate environmental statistics.”

About Genesis Research and Technology Group: Genesis Research and Technology Group is a U.S.-based company that has developed a patented, state-of-the-art technology that provides clean, reusable water for the world’s population. The Company exploits its CHEMICAL-FREE technology as its efforts are being recognized by several leading government agencies developing and implementing Green technologies to protect and preserve our Earth’s resources.

Genesis Research and Technology Group provides custom-built state-of-the-art water treatment technologies for all types of water. Years of research and development go into perfecting this technology that allows Genesis to offer its clients a sole source, reusable water filtering and cleansing technology that is totally chemical-free.

For more information: watertoken.io/genesis

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